The New Eden Police Force [-NEPF] maintains law and order throughout the galaxy - eliminating & neutralizing any current or future threat to New Eden's law-abiding capsuleers.

The -NEPF recognizes justice & truth as the only rulers & does not follow or support any Factions, Kings, Queens, Prophets, or any other form of power and explicitly fights any pirate, ganking or extortion group, protecting New Eden citizens against such groups both by weaponized and non-weaponized methods.


Trust is rare in New Eden, and the reputation of the -NEPF affords us the goodwill and trust of thousands of diverse capsuleers. This allows for unique emergent gameplay options that would not otherwise be possible.


It is up to us, as pilots, to manipulate the course of events in the world we live in. You have the choice to join a corporation who has the sole purpose of preying on the weak, new, or inexperienced pilots of EVE.

You have the choice to be part of a larger organization who ruins the experience for players and eventually disrupts their game play to the point they no longer enter our world... Or...

YOU can choose to defend the rights of players to not be taken advantage of. To fly alongside pilots who are willing to take the fight to the enemy. To eliminate pirates where they don’t belong, challenge their unlawful actions and neutralize the evil that roams New Eden.





The corporation do not wish to promote

hate or violence in any way and it is against any form of sexism, racism or suppression of any minority groups.

It wishes as well to distance itself from any RL related Political or Religious approach.

Our wish is merely to fulfill a role of protection against pirates and outlaws alike in the Universe of EVE Online.

EVE Online, New Eden, and all related concepts therein are the property of CCP Games, which has no affiliation with this website.

All original content, property of NEPF - New Eden Police Force

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